Post-2020 AGM Survey

Greetings, Saskatoon Co-op members. The Saskatoon Co-op’s first Virtual AGM has come and gone, and Co-op Members for Fairness are interested in hearing about your experiences with this format.

Co-op Members for Fairness is a group of Co-op members and workers concerned about Co-op’s direction in recent years, and who are interested in restoring co-operative values and practices to Saskatoon Co-op and its affiliates. We are independent of Saskatoon Co-op, its management (Federated Co-operatives Ltd), and unions representing Co-op workers. Read more about us here.

All individual answers for this survey, including identifying or contact information you provide, are kept confidential and never shared with any third parties. We will be publishing the results of this survey in the very near future, and we will only refer to answers in aggregate. If you would like to give us permission to quote individual comments from you, there is a question where you can give us permission to do so.

Three respondents who are Co-op members, drawn at random, will be given a $25 Co-op gift card for participating in this survey. Every respondent’s response will create an aggregate picture that will help us make democracy and participation more meaningful (and technically smoother) in future Saskatoon Co-op AGM’s. Thank you in advance for your participation!

Please contact us via our contact page.

The survey

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AGM Survey 2020
Are you a member of Saskatoon Co-op? *
Are you employed by Co-op / Federated Cooperatives Limited (FCL)? *
Both employees and non-employees of Co-op / FCL are eligible to complete this survey.
Required to submit the survey and send you confirmation we received your answers. (And to contact you if you win the draw!) We do not share your contact info with third parties, and we won’t email you anything else without permission.
Optional, but answering this question will let us determine if there are connectivity problems with certain locales.
Did you intend to attend Saskatoon Co-op’s 2020 Virtual AGM? *
Did you receive notice and details of Saskatoon Co-op’s 2020 Virtual AGM, prior to the AGM? *
The 2020 Virtual AGM took place Thursday, October 15.
Did you hear about the 2020 Virtual AGM in time to register? *
Registration was open until September 30, via
How did you hear about the Saskatoon Co-op 2020 Virtual AGM?
Check all that apply.
Were you able to register without technical issues?
Did you attend the 2020 Virtual AGM?
Members were able to vote for/against candidates, resolutions, and motions. Guests were observers without voting power.
0 = worst, 10 = best / without any problems at all
0 = major difficulties, 10 = easy / without any kind of problems
Did any technical difficulties (with either your connection or using the platform) preclude you from voting on any of the following?
Leave blank if your experience did not affect your ability to participate in voting.
Feel free to talk about the format, presentations, what was included or not, etc.
Can we (Co-op Members for Fairness) quote any of your individual comments when publishing this survey’s results?
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The CM4F mailing list sends out occasional email that offers our perspectives about what is happening at Saskatoon Co-op and its affiliates, informs Co-op members of our meetings, and offers members courses of action to take to steer Co-op in a more “cooperative” direction. You may un-subscribe to the list at any time, using the unsubscribe link in any email correspondence from us.
Occasionally, we have important events / urgent actions that a large number of people should attend, and where we use texting as a backup method of communication.
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