Sask Co-Op Board rejects all of CM4F’s resolutions, stage set for showdown at AGM

Vote at the Co-Op AGM June 20

SASKATOON— The Saskatoon Co-op Board has rejected the resolutions submitted by a group of Co-op members for the upcoming membership meeting. The resolutions included an end to the two-tier wage structure, a full financial disclosure of funds spent on opposing the strike, and a return to cooperative values in the operation of the Co-op.

The Co-op Board Chairman, Grant Whitmore, informed the Co-op Members For Fairness group that the Board will not allow the resolutions to come before the Co-op’s Annual General Membership meeting at TCU Place on June 20th.

Co-op Members For Fairness (CM4F) is appalled by the Board’s attempt to prevent the resolutions to come before the members of the Co-op for discussion and vote.  CM4F believes co-operative values – democracy, equality, equity, mutual support, self-respect, and dignity for all— should guide the operations of the Co-op. Involving members in the governance of the organization is a fundamental principle of all co-operatives.

The CM4F resolutions were put forward because of the group’s concern about the impact of the strike on Co-op’s reputation. The Co-op’s current handling of the labour relations is undermining members’ confidence in the management of Co-op, and this is bound to have negative consequences for Co-op’s sustainability.

Several CM4F members have expressed an interest in running for the Co-op Board, to give progressive members a voice.

CM4F will continue to organize to ensure that the Board reflects the needs and aspirations of the Co-op membership.  The group welcomes all Co-op members to come at its next Town Hall meeting in Saskatoon, Thursday April 18th, Station 20 West, 7 – 9 pm.   

Signed, Co-op Members for Fairness (CM4F)

CM4F is an advocacy group of Co-op members working for a democratic, member-controlled co-operative that supports fairly paid employment in Saskatchewan. 

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