Privacy Policy

Why do we ask you to sign up for a mailing list?

  • Sending supporters updates by email is more effective than a Facebook page for keeping everyone updated about Co-op Members for Fairness’ important campaign events. On average, because of the Facebook “algorithm,” you see only 7% of the updates of a Facebook page, unless you actually visit the page often. While Facebook is necessary for this campaign, emails are just better at prompting us than Facebook.
  • Our Facebook page can reach more people with paid ads, but these are expensive. Facebook advertising adds up, in spite of the fact that they are demonstrated to be seen by fewer people over time.
  • With that said, please subscribe to our e-newsletter! If you’re cautious about signing up for things— and good for you if you are— please read further about how we use your contact info when you subscribe.

What do we do with your contact information?

  • We only use your contact info to facilitate you finding out about and getting to events related to reforming Co-op (actions undertaken by Co-op workers and members).
  • We never, ever share, rent, or sell our mailing list, or your contact information, with/to anyone else, even with groups whose goals we share (e.g. UFCW, or UFCW Local 1400).
  • We don’t share your contact info with people running for board positions with Co-op, or anyone in any position of authority at Co-op.
  • You can un-subscribe from the list at any time with a link in the bottom of the email.

Tracking created by ‘remarketing’ website code

We use a tool called Facebook Pixel that tracks conversions, which adds a tracker to all of our webpages, which reports on actions people take after viewing ads we have created on Facebook. “Conversion tracking” helps Co-op Members of Fairness measure the return on our investment in Facebook ads, by reporting on the actions people take after viewing those ads. No personal information is contained in, or collected, as a result of using these cookies or pixels.

Opting out of remarketing pixels and technologies

Please use the following link to help you opt out of any remarketing pixels and technologies: