Pat Atkinson is our sole endorsed Saskatoon Co-op Board nominee

Pat Atkinson

Update: We’ve published our complete Q&A and candidate profile of Pat Atkinson, here.

As mentioned in our previous post, circumstances (ultimately related to the consequences of the pandemic) have caused our other endorsed nominees to not re-submit their nominations, after Saskatoon Co-op re-started their nomination process. However, we are thrilled to announce that one of our endorsed nominees, Pat Atkinson, is still a candidate. Ms. Atkinson is not only a progressive potential Board director, but a particularly strongly qualified one for a Saskatoon Co-op Board position.

We urge you to pre-register for the 2020 Saskatoon Co-op Virtual AGM by Sept 30 so that you may help elect Ms. Atkinson and vote on other crucial resolutions.

As you may know, Co-op Members for Fairness endorses candidates who are not only in agreement with the Co-op reform resolutions we have championed, but who appear at our meetings to present to us what they stand for and make themselves accountable to a body of the membership. Ms. Atkinson met with us a large turnout of Co-op members at our last in-person Town Hall in March, and as a group we were extremely impressed with what she had to say.

We have published a more in-depth interview with Ms. Atkinson on our website so that members can be acquainted with her thoughts and vision for improving Saskatoon Co-op and Co-op more generally.

Until then, we wanted to put her Director Nominee profile, which she submitted to the Saskatoon Co-op Board, for members to consider her candidacy. More posts to come soon!

Pat Atkinson is a teacher by profession. She served in the Saskatchewan Legislature representing Saskatoon-Nutana. During her 25 years as an elected MLA, she held several senior ministerial portfolios, including Finance, Crown Investments Corporation, Transportation, Rural Revitalization, Health, Education, Social Services and Post Secondary Education. She has chaired governing committees, which included Treasury Board, Public Sector Bargaining, Planning and Priorities, Social Development and Regulations and Legislation. She is considered a governance expert.

Before she was elected a sitting Member of the Legislature, she was involved in numerous civil society organizations and cooperatives. She has served on the board of the Saskatoon Community Clinic and the Cooperative Housing Association of Saskatchewan.

Presently, she is a volunteer at the Saskatoon Community Clinic and is a Patient and Family Advisor to the Saskatchewan Health Authority, where she is mentoring College of Medicine Students and advising the Neuroscience Division at the Royal University Hospital. She has served on the interview committee for people who have applied for senior management positions with the Health Authority.

Over the years, Pat gained exceptional experience in governance, public policy development and implementation. She is the longest-serving woman parliamentarian in Saskatchewan history. Since leaving elected office in 2011, Pat has worked internationally and nationally with public servants, journalists, civil society organizations and parliamentarians. She has spent most of her time as a trainer teaching citizens about financial accountability and governance. She has worked in transitional and post-conflict democracies, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Russia, Myanmar and Ukraine.

As mentioned in the previous post, the 2020 Saskatoon Co-op AGM is a virtual one that requires pre-registration by Sept 30 to attend and vote. Please register so that you may vote for Ms. Atkinson.