Why the Saskatoon Co-op Board is wrong to dismiss our submitted resolutions

We are of course disappointed in the Co-op Board for dismissing these, but we also have reason to be angered by their rejection. While at some point, we may put out an item-by-item response, the key paragraph in their reasoning is this (in their specific response to the first resolution, “Democratic Control”:

The end of the 2018-19 Co-op strike: where do we go from here?

Co-op Rally Collage (credit: UFCW 1400)

The end of the five-and-a-half-month strike at Co-op— ultimately resulting in the introduction of a modified two-tier wage structure— should leave members concerned about working conditions at the cooperative with many questions.

Call for nominations

Board Elections

The Co-op Members for Fairness Nominations Committee invites Saskatoon Co-op members to submit their names and résumés for consideration by April 10, 2019.