What does Co-op/FCL have planned for truck drivers?


This post comes to us from the Facebook group Co-op/FCL Boycott 2020 – as an anonymous message to the administrators. During Co-op/FCL’s lockout of Refinery workers, truck drivers (often encouraged by trucking companies that employ them) have vented frustrations toward Refinery workers for holding strong pickets and blockades they have mounted to defend pensions and […]

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Call-out for 2020 Saskatoon Co-op Board nominees (updated)

2020 Saskatoon Co-op Virtual AGM

Co-op Members For Fairness (“CM4F”) is seeking nominees to stand for election to the Saskatoon Co-op Association Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting in 2020. Everyone who is involved with CM4F is encouraged to help in this search by locating suitable individuals and encouraging them to consider standing for election. […]

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Saskatoon Co-op Board impelled to intervene on behalf of Co-op Refinery workers

Co-op Refinery workers have been locked out by management since December 5, 2019.

SASKATOON—Co-op Members for Fairness (CM4F) has urged the Saskatoon Co-op to intervene in the lockout of the workers at the Co-op Refinery, represented by Unifor 594. In a letter sent to the Saskatoon Co-operative Association Board of Directors on Friday, CM4F expressed its support for the locked-out Refinery workers and petitioned the Board to exert […]

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Saskatoon Group demands resignation of Co-op Board


At the upcoming meeting of the Saskatoon Co-op Board of Directors on Monday August 12, the directors will be discussing a letter written by a member of the Co-op Members for Fairness (CM4F) group, Tim Quigley. In the letter, Mr. Quigley calls for the resignation of all the directors, other than the two CM4F newly elected board members, because of their “shocking disdain for democracy, the membership, and Co-op workers.” […]

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Letter to Saskatoon Co-op Board from Tim Quigley, lawyer and former U of S Professor of Law

Co-operatives Act 1996 Cover and Table of Contents

CM4F member, lawyer, and former professor Tim Quigley has written a letter to the Saskatoon Co-op’s Board of Directors. In the letter, Tim calls for the resignation of all the directors (other than the two CM4F newly elected board members) because of their handling of the labour dispute, conduct at the AGM, and their rejection of […]

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Candidate Profile: Ashlee Hicks

Ashlee Hicks, endorsed candidate

On May 13, 2019, Co-op Members for Fairness endorsed Ashlee Hicks as a candidate for the Saskatoon Co-op Board. (See more profiles of Co-op Members for Fairness candidates here.) We encourage all Co-op members to vote for Ashlee at the June 20 AGM at TCU Place, 6PM. We conducted this interview with Ashlee by email. […]

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