Victory at Saskatoon Co-op’s AGM!

Thank you to all those who attended the virtual AGM of the Saskatoon Co-op on May 18! It was a stunning success because of your participation in the passing of resolutions and electing of the CM4F-endorsed Board candidates. […]

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Our strategy for electing progressive board members at Saskatoon Co-op’s AGM (Tues, May 18, 7 PM): please read!

CM4F Voting Strategy 2021

Co-op Members for Fairness is endorsing three (and only three) strong Board candidates who need your support: Tajinder Grewal, Yvonne Hanson and Pat Atkinson. We can get them elected and our progressive resolutions passed – but it’s important that you read the voting strategy in this post. […]

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Board Candidate Profile: Pat Atkinson

Pat Atkinson

Pat Atkinson is extremely well-qualified to serve as a Board member for the Saskatoon Co-Op, having had decades of experience as a Minister in several different government portfolios, as well as a trainer teacher helping citizens to improve knowledge and skills in financial accountability and good governance. […]

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Board Candidate Profile: Yvonne Hanson

Yvonne’s strong lifelong foundation in co-operative values and practices, rural farming roots, her leadership of several local organizations including CHEP, Station 20 West, and ideas for growing our Co-op make her an ideal candidate for the Saskatoon Co-op Board. […]

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Board Candidate Profile: Tajinder Grewal

Tajinder Grewal

Tajinder’s work in the agriculture and food industry, background in farming, and love for and service to the Saskatoon community make him an ideal candidate for the Saskatoon Co-op Board. We are thrilled to endorse Tajinder as a board candidate in the upcoming Saskatoon Co-op AGM. […]

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Registration Deadline for Saskatoon Co-op AGM 2021: May 1

Registration Deadline - AGM 2021

The deadline to register for the Saskatoon Co-op’s AGM is May 1 (this Saturday). Unlike in previous years’ practice, where you could show up to the AGM with your Co-op member card and attend, you will only be given an opportunity to vote for Co-op Members for Fairness endorsed candidates’ slate (Pat Atkinson, Tajinder Grewal […]

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Call-out for Saskatoon Co-op Board Nominees

Call for Board Members 2021

Saskatoon Co-op members have another opportunity to restore our co-op to the Co-operative Values and Principles. Four Board positions are open for election: three sitting members, and one vacancy. Board terms are for three years for three of the positions, and one year for one of the positions. This creates a vital opportunity to have […]

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