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Why are we asking you to put votes behind just three candidates?

We are urging everyone to put all of our votes into three particular candidates. There are likely other good, reform-minded candidates also running! However, there is a strategic reason for this.

It is crucial that we do not split our votes among progressive candidates! Vote splitting happens frequently at AGMs, allowing FCL-backed candidates who support the status quo to get in or re-elected year after year.

Thus, we are asking you to put your votes behind these three Co-op Members for Fairness-endorsed candidates:

What are these alternate candidates all about?

We are asking you to vote for our endorsed alternate candidates in one of these two situations:

  • a motion being brought forward (that passes) to disqualify one or more of these candidates.
  • one or more director resignations from the board at the AGM.

If one seat becomes available, we encourage you to put your vote toward:

If a second seat becomes available, we encourage you to vote for:

  • Gary Crawford

All of these candidates have:

  • been involved in support of workers during the strike (doing community picket line support)
  • presented themselves before an assembly of members talking about their reform goals and strategies
  • demonstrated accountability to the members endorsing them
  • committed to advancing the reform resolutions members have endorsed
  • committed to ending two-tier (lower wages for new workers with equal responsibilities & time worked as Co-op’s current workers)
  • publicized the problems at Co-op and talked at length about their candidate interviews and other media

Remember to bring friends and family who are Co-op members with you to the AGM, who support reform at Saskatoon Co-op. Hopefully, via our website, the Facebook page, and the Mailing List, we have provided to you a lengthy set of reasons why Co-op needs reform, the means to do it, and why we are using this strategy.

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Do you have better answers?

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