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What do I need to vote at the Saskatoon Co-op AGM?

You need to vote for candidates and resolutions in-person during the Annual General Meeting (2019’s meeting is June 20, 2019 at 6PM, at TCU Place).

There is no proxy voting, mail-in voting, telephone voting, or on-line voting.

If you cannot attend, convince a Co-op member who supports reform at Co-op (read some of our resolutions we’ve put forward) and the voting strategy to attend.

Please plan to be there as early as 5:30 PM because the AGM venue is always packed, and Co-op turns away people coming in late, or if the room is full.

ID Required

If you can, bring one of these as definitive proof of your membership:

  • Saskatoon Co-op Membership Card
  • Saskatoon Co-op Equity Statement
  • Saskatoon Co-op receipt

.. and always bring at least one government-issued Photo ID with you.

These can be:

  • Driver’s license issued in Canada, or non-drivers license issued by SGI
  • Canadian passport.
  • Certificate of Canadian Citizenship (with photo)
  • Permanent Resident Card.
  • Certificate of Indian Status issued with photo.

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