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What are some of the untruths about the locked out workers?

Throughout the length of Co-op’s lockout of Refinery workers, numerous unfounded allegations have been raised against the locked out Refinery workers, Unifor 594, and its members:

  • There has been vandalism and tire spikes around the refinery, that FCL is insisting was done by picketers. Despite having no evidence whatsoever to verify that claim.
  • Media outlets have continued to report on the story, alleging that it was picketers, again with no evidence backing up the allegations.


  • Unifor members have been followed home by private security firms and photographed in their houses, had their vehicles vandalized and windows smashed out, as well as numerous other incidents.
  • There have been multiple vehicle collisions and attempted collisions from Co-op vehicles, and private vehicles all of kinds, which have been reported to the police.
  • Co-op semi units have struck picketers numerous times, and the most recent incident was when a private company struck a picketer at the Home Centre location on Winnipeg St., and pinned the picketer against the fence.
  • FCL has been using any and all dirty tactics they can think of, and are buying the media outlets in order to only tell their side of the story which paints members in an increasingly negative light.

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