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Does Co-op Members for Fairness endorse the National Co-op Boycott called for by Unifor 594?

Unifor 594 (the union local representing Co-op Refinery workers) called for a National Boycott on December 15, 2019, to give Co-op Refinery workers leverage to force FCL to return to the bargaining table and end the lockout of Co-op Refinery workers.

At our January 2020 town hall, members of Co-op Members for Fairness came to the agreement to hold our default position on Co-op Boycotts, which is that Co-op members should continue to make their own individual choice to boycott Co-op over their actions. We are very invested in people becoming Co-op members, making purchases to qualify to run for the Saskatoon Co-op board (or the boards in their locale), and unseating board members who are not committed to Co-op principles, and exerting member control over FCL (and supporting Co-op worker efforts to reign in FCL).

We support Unifor 594’s position in the lockout, have issued a public letter to the Saskatoon Co-op Board to urge them to use their influence to get Refinery management back to the table, and will be taking further actions if the Co-op’s lockout continues.

If you are boycotting Co-op, it’s essential to let Co-op know. Don’t just not go in to Co-op, and not let them know, because your lack of patronage will not be attributed to the reasons you are boycotting Co-op for.

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Regardless of the boycott, we always encourage people to buy Co-op memberships (which are $10), attend the Saskatoon Co-op AGM (or the one in your area), and vote in candidates we endorse (or, in your locale, candidates who will work to restore co-operative values and practices at Co-op— accountability, member control, and who favour being able to keep Co-op’s management, Federated Co-op Ltd, in check).


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