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Are all Co-op Members welcome to attend CM4F events and town halls?

We invite all Co-op Members, workers, and community members who agree with all or most of our points of unity as expressed in the Resolutions to attend our regular Town Halls, where we discuss strategy and initiatives for reforming Saskatoon Co-op. As a bottom line, we just ask for everyone’s ‘good faith participation.’

We don’t pretend to represent the opinions of all Saskatoon Co-op members. We describe ourselves as representing a concerned faction of the Co-op membership who want the Co-op to return to generally understood cooperative values and practices, and live up to its claims of meaningful democracy and member ownership. We think our efforts ultimately serve the interests of all or most Saskatoon Co-op members, except ones that have a stake in dismantling the Co-op to make it a cooperative in name only.

If you’re a Co-op member who disagrees (or isn’t sure if you agree) with what we’re doing, we are definitely interested in talking to you to ask you questions and find out why. But the Town Halls, since they are business meetings, are not the best place to have those discussions.

If you aren’t a Saskatoon Co-op Member, we encourage you to become one, particularly if you agree with the direction that we would like to take the Saskatoon Co-op in. It’s easy and inexpensive to join Saskatoon Co-op.

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