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CM4F Information picket outside Saskatoon Co-op Board Meeting

February 10, 2020 @ 5:00 pm 7:00 pm

On Monday, Feb 10, 5 PM, before the Saskatoon Co-op Board meets, Co-op Members for Fairness is organizing an information picket outside of the Co-op Administration Offices. This office is at the Co-op Stonebridge location, next to the Co-op gas bar and grocery store.

Why we are holding an information picket

  • Last month, we sent a letter to the Saskatoon Co-op Board asking them to intervene in the lockout of Refinery workers and to use their influence to get FCL back to the bargaining table.
  • Unfortunately, the Saskatoon Co-op Board has already answered us in their (in)actions: FCL in Saskatoon is laying off part-timers in Saskatoon and area gas bars, and posting notices that Refinery workers and their union are to blame. Apparently, this is going unchallenged by anyone in charge of Co-op in our locale.
  • This blatant attempt to pit sections of Co-op workers against each other must be opposed and Saskatoon Board Members must get the message that we want their intervention against FCL, not more shrugging and inaction.
  • We are doing an information picket and asking Saskatoon Co-op and FCL for these reasons:
  • End Co-op/FCL’s temporary layoffs of part time workers in Saskatoon and area, and re-allocate these workers to other tasks at the same pay, and/or source fuel from elsewhere than the Refinery.
  • FCL’s extraordinary efforts to break the Refinery workers’ union are a terrible waste of members’ dividends and must be stopped (the Refinery funds so many other Co-op locations, and by extension, our dividends).
  • FCL should offer to end the lockout, kick out scabs and propose a more reasonable stance on pensions to get back to the bargaining table. Saskatoon Co-op should be strongly recommending this course of action to FCL.
  • Stop FCL from escalating. The union has matched FCL’s lockout with barricades, because that is what unions are supposed to do— put themselves on an equal bargaining footing with the employer by introducing some kind of disruption in production. Unifor 594’s reaction to the lockout and court injunctions.
  • Stop FCL’s attack on Refinery workers’ pensions, which they have earned with years of service in a mission critical and hazardous work environment. Grandfather the remaining workers’ direct benefit pensions as promised.
  • Stop FCL’s threats of jail time for the union executive and colossal fines of the Refinery workers’ union.
  • Stop FCL’s heavy handed propaganda antics against Co-op workers and their so-called “eastern” union (which is not only wasteful of members’ money, but ironic and weird when you consider where FCL’s headquarters are).
  • If the Co-op fears for its “sustainability,” open the books to workers and members. We will be able to collectively, co-operatively, find savings, efficiencies and opportunities, but only if all of us can have a say.

Info picket protocol

  • Though we are gathering at the building where the Saskatoon Co-op association has its meeting, we are not impeding Board Members from going inside to do a meeting. On the contrary, we are urging them to meet and move the above important business forward!
  • This is a peaceful information picket— please be respectful of all involved. Keep things fluffy.
  • If you can, please wear or hold up a cardboard sign with your member number on it. Speaking to the Board (and people in our city who care about Co-op) as *members* is really important.

Saskatoon Co-op Administration Offices

503 Wellman Crescent
Saskatoon, SK S7T 0J1 Canada
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