Victory at Saskatoon Co-op’s AGM!

Thank you to all those who attended the virtual AGM of the Saskatoon Co-op on May 18! It was a stunning success because of your participation in the passing of resolutions and electing of the CM4F-endorsed Board candidates. […]

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Our strategy for electing progressive board members at Saskatoon Co-op’s AGM (Tues, May 18, 7 PM): please read!

CM4F Voting Strategy 2021

Co-op Members for Fairness is endorsing three (and only three) strong Board candidates who need your support: Tajinder Grewal, Yvonne Hanson and Pat Atkinson. We can get them elected and our progressive resolutions passed – but it’s important that you read the voting strategy in this post. […]

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Registration Deadline for Saskatoon Co-op AGM 2021: May 1

Registration Deadline - AGM 2021

The deadline to register for the Saskatoon Co-op’s AGM is May 1 (this Saturday). Unlike in previous years’ practice, where you could show up to the AGM with your Co-op member card and attend, you will only be given an opportunity to vote for Co-op Members for Fairness endorsed candidates’ slate (Pat Atkinson, Tajinder Grewal […]

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