Call-out for Saskatoon Co-op Board Nominees

Call for Board Members 2021

Saskatoon Co-op members have another opportunity to restore our co-op to the Co-operative Values and Principles.

Four Board positions are open for election: three sitting members, and one vacancy. Board terms are for three years for three of the positions, and one year for one of the positions. This creates a vital opportunity to have a board with a majority of directors whose progressive vision reflects the CM4F’s members’ aspirations for a community co-op that is more than just another big private enterprise retailer.


To be eligible for the Board, one must be:

  • A member of the Saskatoon Co-op
  • Have purchased at least $2000 worth of goods in the last year. (To check if purchases reach the qualification level of $2,000, candidates should enquire at Co-op member services: (306) 933-3801.)

Time Commitment

The Board now meets monthly.  Previous Board members have indicated that Board work takes up to 20 hours per month.  Meetings are held virtually at present; all documents are circulated on-line. There are also annual meetings of the Saskatoon Co-op and of Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL). There also can be other meetings, such as committee meetings.  Per diem remuneration is made for directors spending half or full days on Co-op duties.

Co-Op Members for Fairness endorsement

We, Co-op Members for Fairness, would love to endorse you as a candidate for the Board. If you seek our endorsement and campaign assistance from CM4F, you are asked to:

  • Provide a written statement of their experience, skills, and equally importantly, the values, vision, and goals that ally them to the mission statement of CM4F:  Co-op Members for Fairness are members and workers restoring co-operative values and practices to Saskatoon Co-op and its affiliates. 
  • It would be helpful, after considering the Co-operative Values and Principles linked above, for potential candidates to discuss the changes they want to see in the functioning of the Saskatoon Co-op and their ideas for achieving those changes.
  • Send an email to us at info@coopmembersforfairness.ca using the subject line: “Nominee for Co-op AGM” with your statement attached.

We urge Saskatoon Co-op members to consider running for a position on the Board of Directors, and/or seek out and encourage candidates who have the potential to be responsible, responsive, and progressive board members. 

Please give this matter immediate consideration. Thank you for your help in restoring our co-op. 

Details on the Saskatoon Co-op AGM date (where board members are elected) will be added here as the Saskatoon Co-op finalizes them. The Zoom presentation date, will be made available as we decide on this meeting date.