Our five-step guide to the 2020 Saskatoon Co-op AGM

Saskatoon Co-op AGM 2020

Hello, friend and fellow Saskatoon Co-op member.

Co-op Members for Fairness (CM4F) is inviting you to join us at the Saskatoon Co-op Virtual AGM, on Thursday, Oct 15, 7PM, to push Co-op to return to cooperative values and practices, and return to being a democratic, member-controlled co-operative that also treats its workers well.

Success is very likely if we all show up. Last year, we were able to elect two board members we endorsed (Carroll Chubb and Erika Ritchie) and press for changes in undemocratic processes last year.

Here’s a quick guide to participating, and what we’re asking members to do at the AGM.

1. Registration

Registration at agm.saskatooncoop.ca is closed as of Sept 30. If you can’t participate, please make sure that you are on our mailing list for updates for next year’s AGM and all of our interim work.

2. Share a reminder event with your friends and family

Prior to the meeting, if you are on Facebook, please share the AGM reminder event with your friends and family who are Co-op members. They may not be registered this year, but next year is certain to be more organized and less disrupted by the pandemic.

By text or email, please send people to this page with this link:

If they are not registered, this page you’re reading includes instructions for being notified better next year.

3. Participation

This meeting is virtual. You will have to use a browser to log in at 7 PM on Thursday. No software downloads are required, but please test your system before the meeting using our guide to the Board’s videoconferencing platform, Lumi. You must be using a recent version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari as your browser.

3. Vote for our endorsed candidate, Pat Atkinson— and vote only for Pat

We have another opportunity for another progressive person to join the Board. Pat Atkinson, a seasoned former public servant steeped in co-operative values, is running as the CM4F-endorsed candidate for the Board. 

We are asking people to vote only for Pat, although 5 board seats are open. The reason we are asking is that the Co-op only effectively promotes the AGM to the contracted management, Federated Co-operatives Ltd., who oppose reforms, member involvement, and member control of Co-op— and vote uniformly. The Board and FCL do extremely little, on the other hand, to promote the AGM among the general membership.

FCL Managers all show up and vote for their own slate of candidates (but do not make this slate public). Voting for any of their candidates (candidates other than Pat) will cause Pat to not gain a seat on the board.

4. Reject the Board’s so-called “Democratic Reform” resolution

The Saskatoon Co-op Board will be tabling a resolution that will end the one-member, one-vote system at Saskatoon Co-op in favour of a needlessly complicated delegate system. We ask that you reject the resolution.

5. Follow up with us after the AGM

We have a lot of things stacked both for, and against, our success. You showing up and voting will make all the difference. Whatever the results, we will be having a follow-up meeting in November (after the Saskatchewan provincial and municipal elections), and we urge you to attend to plan our next steps.

Other things you can do!

  • If you are not on our email list, we strongly encourage you to sign up, so that you can find out more easily what CM4F is up to. We encourage you to join our mailing list using the form on our website’s homepage.
  • Keeping an organization like CM4F running— even a lean, all-volunteer one like ours— requires a small amount of financial support. Please donate to our work if you are so inclined.
  • Learn more about us on this webpage.

If you’re on Facebook, find us at: https://www.facebook.com/coopmembersforfairness 

Yours in co-operation, 

Co-op Members for Fairness